Best of all worlds

Best of all worlds

28 Aug 2012, by Luxury Real Estate in Partnership

The new social network of Eric Wachtmeister

Best of all worlds
A new social network is born on the Web. Facebook, a leader in this field, has nothing to fear. The new kid, Worlds Best of all, do not attempt to conquer the world, unlike Mark Zuckerberg.

Launched by Swedish entrepreneur Erik Wachtmeister, this new social network is intended for elite surfers, “the top 1% (…), people who are leaders in their field: bankers, people in the communications and media, fashion, politics, “he told AFP, adding:” It is not the jet set or rich, sophisticated people but who have good taste.”

25,000 members to begin

Best of all Worlds aims “rather three million people a billion.” And its inception, it has provided nearly 25,000 members, according to Bloomberg. “We want to build a network intimate with people who know two or three degrees of separation,” said Erik Wachtmeister BetaBeat site.

The site looks great to search for events and contacts. By logging onto the page of a particular city, users will have access to tabs “people”, “events”, “restaurants”. They will also divide their profile several “modes” with different images (at work, at the bar, family, etc..). For each of these modes, different levels of confidentiality can be set.

After Small World…

To be part of this elite connected, an invitation to the site is required. So we have to run your networks.

Eric Wachtmeister is not his first attempt. Sweden’s A Small World launched in 2008, a service which incorporated the same concept but for celebrities and members of the jet set. Best of all Worlds takes the same codes and adapting to a different target.