International property finder

International property finder

05 Aug 2012, by Luxury Real Estate in Partnership

We, at, offer a service for investors to find properties all over the world thanks to our giant MLS and leading partners in the international market. We are your international property finders and homes hunters.

Find your property with our property finders and homes hunters

You order an investment, we search and find

We spend our time finding exceptional houses for our VIP clients who ask us to find special properties. We never deceived anyone. Our partnerships make of us an international leader on the property-finding market. Our website never stops generating leads on the international luxury estates market, so that we can always know if there is a special opportunity in a selected place. For instance, in Miami, most of international buyers know that there is the MLS and the “off-market” listing. We know when owners are about to sell their properties, because they use our services to find realtors and we build, everyday, an off-market listing.

All our client needs to do is to provide us a list of criteria drawing the perfect house for her and/or him, we then send the information to all of our partners in order to create a special team dedicated to our search with the ability to work as an international network. We always manage to find the information. Most often, even if the perfect property doesn’t seem to exist in the public listings, we get the information and make our clients reach the most exceptional opportunities.

Why and how ?

We first choose our realty partners for their ability to get exclusive mandates and provide us with exceptional estates for the most demanding buyers.
Realtors know their/our clients are special, so that if they know something, they will give us the information. Privacy is very important in our job, as you know, but we trust our partners to work with us with both a high level of confidentiality and the desire to work with us and tell us what happens on their different markets. They know, because of this website and the high quality communication we maintain toward them, we are trusted and strategic players. Working with us is the guaranty to be recognized as an international broker, to generate leads online around the properties and reach high end investors.

When we ask something, we get it.
When you ask us to find your property, you get it.