Real Estate SEO expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our expertise. The high-end real estate is our passion, that our website allows us to gather with our programming skills. Our team is mainly French, US and Arabian, so we can easily translate your website in these languages. Our main office is based in Miami. We also have a team in France and another in Tunis. We’ll soon open a new agency in LA. 50% of our clients are real estate agencies and brokers.

The first thing to do is to optimize your source code, to match search engines criterias (about 800 in 2014). The architecture, the way users behave on your website is also very important, to ensure they can reach any of your webpages through max. 3 clicks from the homepage. Then, the global accuracy of your website will remain in semantic aspects. When technical and semantic aspects are optimized, we will have to be sure that the environment of the website is good for its reputation : social medias, incoming links, third parties talking about your business are some relevant points to handle.

If we can help:

If you would like us to help you optimize your website or your listings, drop a mail to Regis Maag‘s team :
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